Home Run is a series of guided group runs home from central London…we even carry your bag!

Home Runs go to all corners of the capital.  Tell us where you need to get to and we'll be running your way soon.

From 2 miles to 6 miles at a comfortable pace - slowly build up your distance, run with friends and enjoy your commute home.

Leave the tube behind! Home Run is a healthy and enjoyable alternative to the post work commute. Avoid the commuter crush and join us for a social run home instead. 

Your route home won’t change but the method will. Home Run builds your exercise into your commute saving you time and money.

Start your journey today - simply book on or just tell us your route.  Get fit, get home!

Book onto a Home Run now!


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Samsung Home Run really is as simple as it sounds.  Book on, turn up, run home, collect bag.


Check out our high-speed route vidoes. Get home in 2 minutes.